Summer Trend with bell sleeves and shift dresses!

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is a story of a pair of jeans that fits 4 different girls and how they make a pact to share the pair of jeans. Of course it is also a story about how friends are always there for you no matter the distance . It reiterates that nothing can really come in the way of true friendship. However for the purpose of this blog, lets focus on the fact that one pair of jeans fit 4 different body types.

Did all the 4 girls look the same in it? No. They each styled it in their own way and looked stunning in it.

Yet in real life we allow our perceptions about our body type to determine what we should not wear. We are convinced that a particular silhouette will not flatter us (which is partly true) and we never even attempt to try to make it work. Like I refused to try a bodycon dress until recently.
Today’s post is an AVATAR post after a really long time!! Not my usual style of an avatar post. Today there are 2 (maybe 3) of us styling the same style of dress in our own way.
The dress in the spotlight today is from Howrah Bridge, which is a label run by a fellow blogger- Anupriya (Style Prism). The latest collection that she has designed incorporates Indian prints fused with western cuts and trends from the runway in a wearable fashion.
The beauty of the shift dress is that it completely hides your bulges and since it has no slit, it can totally work like a kurta.
The pocket details and the bell sleeves that are functional are definitely the USP of this dress.
The dress is perfect for summer and this is the second post in a series of summer fashion posts. I hope you caught the first one already. Click here, if you missed it.

Avatar 1

I paired it with simple black earrings, a neat ponytail and smudged out kajal. I think it looks good with both a belt and without a belt.
Ideally this would look better with black heels, but since I own none, I stuck to flats.

Avatar 2:

I live with my in laws, who are really adorable, but when I showed my mother in law the dress, her first question was- What are you wearing underneath? Rather than explain that this was meant to be a dress, I chose to pair it with black legging and oxidised metal accessories to make it more suitable for the place where I live.
Of course, this is not my first time pairing a dress with leggings. I have already tried this style before when I paired a tie and dye dress with leggings.
If you want a little more zing to the dress, pair it with statement earrings like these ones which I got from Fida jewellery

Avatar 3:

Remember I said that this was an avatar post where there would be more people styling the same shift dress? Well Anusha has done a post on her blog featuring the same shift dress with bell sleeves. Make sure to check out her blog- The Small Town Blogger for more styling tips, especially if you are into plus size fashion because that is her niche.
Howrah Bridge also has a website now with a lot of new pieces and even decor.
Photography by Mr Kays
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