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Thursday, 09 May 19

Capsule Wardrobe Collection: Summer Saree Edition

How to build a capsule wardrobe for the summer season

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Friday, 10 May, 11:32 PM

I like the floral blouse and the sari styling the most!

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Misskay LN

Sunday, 19 May, 09:01 PM

Thanks Anusha!

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Lancy Cv

Saturday, 08 Jun, 10:03 AM

Hey Krupa, I loved the blue saree the most, on you! <3 I'm thrilled to have a capsule collection of sarees since I'm planning to start wearing them as casual wear. I've always had done this with my Tshirts and skirts though! I always like to mix and match my outfits to keep my wardrobe simple, minimalistic and yes, as you mentioned, it's true that it saves a lot of our time! Hope you recovered from the teeth extraction. My orthodontist wants me to get 4 of my teeth extracted for braces but I'm scared to death! haha.

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Hami Keshwani

Tuesday, 11 Jun, 12:54 AM

I loved the floral blouse!

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