I’m sure you are thinking “Another fashion blog!! How obsessed can women get!!”. True. This is just another blog. I’m surely not going to claim that what I’ve created is like one of kind or anything. It’s just that while I was browsing for tips on makeup and how to accessorize and how to make over my wardrobe etc, I realised that almost every site or every YouTube video I saw was never by Indian women. Most of the stuff isn’t applicable for Indian life. Like for example, there are tons of videos and write ups on how to make over a closet; however there are not many people in India who own closets. For most of us we have a trusty old Godrej bureau or just a regular wardrobe. So all I’m trying to do here is cater to the Indian woman. The regular Indian woman for whom fashion means nothing more than looking good with what she has in terms of money, and time.

-Miss Kays