January is the first month in the calendar year, but for a teacher, it signals the end of classes of 10th and 12th standards, which means saying good bye to your students. This January, I had the opportunity to attend 3 graduations days (2 were in the schools that I am currently working at and one was the school that I had worked at previously). One of the functions fell on the same day evening as the Indiblogger meet that happened in Bangalore. Now how could I let an opportunity like that pass by. I took permission and left the function early to reach the meet.

Initially I wondered whether it would look weird to turn up in a sari at a blogger meet, and I considered going home and then changing and going. However Bangalore traffic is super annoying so I figured I would just go directly from school to the meet. I am a fashion blogger, so my choice of sari for the evening had to be both stylish yet elegant.
I went for a strawberry pink net sari, a statement necklace, loads of bangles and simple earrings. The blouse for this sari is stitched in a slightly retro style with puff sleeves and slightly longer sleeves. I really love puff sleeves for blouses. I think they add that girly feel but are still elegant enough to wear for a formal function. The sari was a great hit! I got so so many compliments for the outfit. (There are some pictures of the entire outfit in the post that I did about the meet. Click here to check that out.)

Here is the makeup that I did.

I went for a simple bronze metallic eye with a touch of berry colour in the crease. The liner was winged out ever so slightly. Loads of mascara, and a pinkish berry blush. The lip colour was a vintage rose kind of colour with gloss over it. 
The hairstyle you see is just to keep my hair in place till I reached school. Then I left it open with the side part. 
By the time I reached the Indiblogger meet, my hair was a mess, so I changed the hairstyle to a simple half up, half down look.

So what do you guys think about my look?
Oh Oh, I also want to include this outfit that was worn by another blogger. Her name is Archana. Check out her long waistcoat!! Isn’t too awesome. She said she got it Central. I love how it just adds so much to the outfit and takes it to a whole new level.

miss kays