Hello! Happy to see you here. I wanted to share my experience using the Mindbrush journal. It’s a pretty long post, so you may want to grab some tea and sit down to read.


My love affair with journalling started as a child. I remember writing every day logs when I was 13 years old. “Today I had Cornetto ice cream. Such an indulgence.” As I grew older, the entries grew more cryptic. “Today G smiled at me. My heart just melted seeing his dimples.” By the time I was in my mid 20s, writing was my therapy. I poured my heart out into my journal entries. It was only when I entered my 30s, that I discovered gratitude journaling. 

We went through a rough phase with my father in law’s health before he passed away, and I took to gratitude jounralling to find some light in those dark dark days. I found peace in it. However I could not stay regular. I found that I was not motivated on many days. I felt very repetitive. So I stopped after a while. 

Fast forward to the Mindbrush journal. I have this journal from the last week of November (just before they launched it) and ideally should be in the last leg of my 66 days journey with them (but I’m still halfway through). 

Let’s start at the beginning.

What is the Mindbrush Journal?

mindbrush journal

A 66 day happiness journey that combines the best resources out there in a way that makes gratitude journal anything but a chore. 

Every day has a theme, questions that evoke emotions, tit bits of information that make you rejoice at the world, and resources to help you grow as a person. 

There are thoughtfully curated links to podcasts, books and youtube videos, and carefully worded prompts to help you through this journey. 

How is the Mindbrush journal different?

mindbrush journal

It is not just about gratitude. It is about giving our mind an inside out cleanse aka mind -brushing for that sparkly feeling. 

The Mindbrush journal was created to give the community a way to take back control of their happiness. We don’t all give enough importance to mental health, and the mission of the Mindbrush journal team is to help make it a ritual. 

Every day for 66 days you fill this journal. There are new writing prompts every day. There is a small piece of information given about an improvement in the world. So you can make peace with the world and not feel misery hearing the news. There is a small write up which focusses on a theme every day. 

The mission statement of the Mindbrush journal- We all spend time inside our minds, lets make it a nice place to be. 

They sure do a good job of helping you make it a nicer place. 

mindbrush journal

My experience with the Mindbrush journal.

First up full disclosure, I was supposed to be atleast 45 days in before I wrote this post. However I did get side tracked in between, more than once, and so I’m only 30 days in this journey. Let’s talk about how it has been so far. 

Day 1-10. 

I was the most serious in this period. It took all of 5 minutes to fill it up each day, and the prompts were so engaging. 

I could see an overall increase in my positivity during this period. I was also sleeping better and I’m sure that Apu was sleeping better as well. (maybe I imagined that last part)

Day 11-15. 

We travelled or something in this period and that was the first time I broke the writing streak, but I couldn’t wait to get back to writing and I did. 

The prompts continued to excite me and once I got back to writing, I could feel the energy coming back to me every single time.

Day 20-30

The prompts have started to get deeper and one of them triggered an entire IG post of its own. I can feel my writing starting to flow and I don’t even have to think about what I am grateful for every day. Some days I know it even before I sit to write. These prompts have also helped me to start digging a bit deeper into what I need to do to heal.

Yes I have not been consistent with the Mindbrush journal, but it has gotten better with time.

What section of the Mindbrush journal did I not use?

The weekly reflection and review. This is one region I am terribly lacking in and keep skipping every week. Something that I definitely need to work on.

What can be improved with the Mindbrush journal?

Honestly I wish it could be a longer journey, or they come up with a part 2. I keep wondering what I will do after 66 days. I’m hoping I will find my own prompts to write every day, or be able to write without prompts. 

Final thoughts on the Mindbrush journal.

Let’s talk about who is the Mindbrush journal for?

  • If you need inspiration to gratitude journal.
  • For the person who has never tried journaling.
  • If you are looking for a way to cleanse your mind.

How to buy the Mindbrush Journal?

Well, I’m happy to inform you that you can get a discount on your purchase of the Mindbrush journal if you use this link (click here)

or you can head over to their website Mindbrush.co and use the code- KRUPA10 to get 10%off.

Mindbrush journal is now available on Amazon as well. All you have to do is click here and grab your copy.

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