The colour for day 5 was white. Now traditionally we aren’t allowed to wear pure white so I opted for a white and red sari. This sari was bought for me by my mom, because she is the bestest, and it is a Assamese design sari.

Now the thing is the sari that my mom wore for today was also a white and red sari, and she wore the red blouse that I wanted to wear, which basically left me without a blouse for the sari. I just stared at my wardrobe for a bit and then stared at the computer screen for a while, (I had a bunch of pictures up of the Assamese traditional attire), trying to think of what I should do, or whether I should just stick to the original plan of wearing a malayali off white sari. Then it hit me! I would do what I had always wanted to try- a tee shirt instead a blouse. I ran to my sister’s room, dug out a red tee shirt that she never wears, tied the sari over it and I loved the effect!! It was modern and it just made it more put together. Atleast that’s what I feel.

I’ve also got a picture of the image that I used as inspiration for the look.

Image taken from the internet
Image taken from the Internet.

I seem to have missed out on the silver cuff and layered chains. I think I was too excited about the tee shirt instead of the blouse 😀

My makeup was a simple bronze eye and a bold red lip. I pulled the hair back into a bun and I look a bit like an stewardess and I love it!!

What do you all think?? I don’t know if it is Assamese enough. Do let me know in the comments below.

For Day 3 I wore a Gujrathi style and Day 1 I wore a Bengali style. If you haven’t seen that yet, go and check it out.

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