What do I see when I look into a mirror?

What do I see when I look into a mirror Mirror Me: Hey krupsy, you look tired. When did your skin look so dry and stretched out? What's with those under eye bags and the chapped lips? You need to take care of yourself, yaar. Me me : I know I know, but where is the...

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Introducing: Natural Wellness brands

Over the past few years, I have attended pop ups and exhibitions for one reason only- to meet and get to have conversations with people in the space of natural wellness. The curiosity to get to know more about the person behind a brand, the excitement to try their...

Mindbrush Journal: My experience

Hello! Happy to see you here. I wanted to share my experience using the Mindbrush journal. It's a pretty long post, so you may want to grab some tea and sit down to read. Introduction My love affair with journalling started as a child. I remember writing every day...

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Hi! I’m Krupa. Just your average Indian woman who plays multiple roles. I am a mother, a tutor, a dancer and a person who loves to write about it all. 

Welcome to IshtyleAwhile, a log of my journey through life in the most real way. 



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