The Ultimate Guide for New parents

EBF, CIO, BLW, EP, BM. If are a mother-to-be or a new parent and you know what all of these abbreviations and terms mean, then hats off to you, because you have really done your homework in advance.

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Hello! 10 years ago on this day, I started this blog. It was the most random thought ever. I had been following a lot of Youtubers and bloggers but none of whom were Indian. So I thought to myself, I will be that Indian fashion blogger. I didn't really put in a lot of...

Who is MissKays

Hi! I’m Krupa. Just your average Indian woman who plays multiple roles. I am a mother, a tutor, a dancer and a person who loves to write about it all. 

Welcome to IshtyleAwhile, a log of my journey through life in the most real way. 



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