10 years ago on this day, I started this blog. It was the most random thought ever. I had been following a lot of Youtubers and bloggers but none of whom were Indian. So I thought to myself, I will be that Indian fashion blogger. I didn’t really put in a lot of forethought when it came to starting the blog. I just created a new email id, logged into blogger, chose a simple layout, and got started.

The learning on the job though, man, that was TREMENDOUS. So if I had to start the blog today, this is how my introduction post would go.

Hi! I’m Krupa, just your average Indian woman. I love dressing up in sarees, wearing makeup, trying new skincare products, and posing for pictures. Oh! I almost forgot- I also LOVE writing. This blog is not just a fashion or a beauty blog. It is my journey through life. You will be reading about my experience as a mother, the reality of living in a joint family, along with product reviews, ways to restyle sarees, tons of saree blouse design ideas and pretty much anything else that I fancy writing about. Sounds random? Well, it is my life, and LIFE is not segregated neatly into a niche and genre. It is an amalgamation of it all.

So well to Ishtyleawhile. I hope you stick around and we get to know each other.