3 reasons why I am in love with this face mask.

Plum Goodness is a brand that I had tried about 2 summers ago and honestly the first thing I loved about them is how mild their products are. Keeping that in mind I decided to give their Green Tea Clear face mask a try and here are my thoughts on the same. 

I like to have different kinds of masks on hand, so that based on my mood and the amount of time that I have I can choose a way to pamper my skin. If you follow me on Instagram, then you will know that I use a mask once in 2 to 3 days if possible. 

The Plum Goodness Green Tea Clear Face mask, priced at 475INR, for 60g, is easily available on Nykaa.com, Health and Glow and of course on the Plum Goodness website itself. 

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The Plum Goodness Green Tea Clear Face mask claims to absorb facial oils and, to help calm and control acne.

About the product

It is a light muddy green product which is ready to use. You don’t need to mix it with water or anything. You can just pick it up and apply it on your face. 

The packaging is a glass tub and you do need to use your fingers to take the product out.

3 reasons I love this face mask

> So easy to use. Just pick up the product and apply. Saves so much of time when you don’t have time to do a DIY mask. 

> Removes oil but doesn’t dry the skin out, instead it leaves my skin feeling sort of hydrated and squeaky clean.

> Effectively clears the skin of any small acne. It does not work on large cystic acne that I usually get, but the occasional small pimple does get removed by using this regularly. My skin texture also improved after using this. 

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A few problems with this face mask would include the glass packaging which means it is not travel friendly. Also if you use it all over your face and neck, once a week it gets over in about 8 – 10 uses. I felt it was getting over too quickly. Also since it is a tub packaging, you need to find a spoon or spatula to take it out or clean fingers. You could use a brush but I find that application with a brush makes it patchy and uses too much product, so I prefer using my fingers.

Overall I quite like this product and am definitely repurchasing it. 

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Have you tried this mask? What other Plum Goodness products do you guys like? Let me know in the comments section below.

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