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Spa therapies for bride – Featuring Four Fountains Spa

There is saying in Tamil “ Veetu katti paaru, Kalyanum panni paaru“, which simply translates to until you have built your own house or conducted a wedding, you will not know the hardship of it. Being the bride is exhausting. Why? Because you are involved in all the decision making (read as pulling your hair out between your parents) and of course you have to go around buying your outfits and jewellery and all that. Everything else will be taken care off by contractors such as the decorations and the catering, but all the decisions come down to you.

Then of course you have the small things to worry about like not finding the perfect pair of footwear or worse, waiting for your blouses to come back from the tailor and hoping that they are stitched perfectly. All this leads to a lot tension, and for a person like me, that leads to knots in my back.  I was dreaming of a massage for a few weeks and I just was not getting time for it.

When Four Fountains Spa offered me a few therapies to relax and rejuvenate, I just threw my schedule out of the window for a day and headed over for some pampering.

While there is a 2 session bridal package available at Four Fountains, I think that it might be better to go for a set of therapies that are more suited for your skin type and customized for you. For example, I did not want a facial. I have somewhat sensitive skin and need specialized treatment for it (more on that later)

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Here are the 3 spa therapies for brides that I think are a must to take up with a few alternatives.

Body scrub spa therapy for bride


1) Skin firming massage therapy

Duration- 60 minutes
Price- 2549 INR
While aromatherapy might be great for a regular day, you definitely want something that is more effective for your special day. I opted for the skin firming massage because I wanted an oil massage that would penetrate deeply into my skin and give me a longer lasting effect. The combination of oils used in this massage include lavender, grapeseed oil and rose wine extracts. Lavender is great because it will soothe your skin and relax you. While grapeseed strengthens the immune system.
Perfect for any sores that you may have from all the walking around and of course to relive mental tension. Ask the masseuse to increase the pressure a little more than usual so that there is deeper penetration of the oils into your skin. My masseuse kept asking me at regular intervals if I was comfortable with the pressure and temperature. I found myself dozing off for a while only to asked by the masseuse to turn over. That’s how comfortable it was. 
The other alternatives that I think a bride-to-be can opt for the Melanin reducing massage which would give you soft glowing skin.

2) Skin toning scrub

Duration – 30 minutes
Price- 1899 INR
Regular exfoliation is a must but every now and then you will want something a bit more than just your at home body scrub. This scrub is made of coffee and sugar and is extremely abrasive. It really felt like a brick being rubbed across my skin and of course she reduced the pressure while applying this. While it is slightly painful, I decided to get it done and the results are fabulous. My arms and legs have definitely looked a lot more radiant and it has been a week since I got this treatment done.
If you have really sensitive skin then opt for a Ubtan Scrub, as that is made of haldi and natural ingredients, which makes it a lot more skin-friendly. The masseuse also suggested a body wrap to go with the scrub and I think that is a fabulous idea to add more hydration to the skin. Definitely opt for this if you have dry skin. I have normal skin so the oiling before the scrub definitely helped in making my skin soft and supple.
The other alternatives would be Elastin stimulating body wrap or Essential Nutrient- Rich body wrap.

3) Reflex point stimulating foot massage

Duration- 30 minutes
Price- 949 INR
Now I know you may think why do you need to go for foot reflexology when you can just get a pedicure done. Well a foot reflexology focusses on the acupressure points and is capable of getting your entire body to relax if done correctly. It helps to relieve pain and knots. After all of that walking around and shopping this is most definitely needed. Not that you shouldn’t get a pedicure, but for a complete spa experience, opt for a foot reflexology and thank me later. 
I think this is a must for every bride-to-be.

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essential spa therapy
Organic Ubtan - spa therapies for bride
Now if you looking for facials or spa therapies for bride as well, I recommend Skin Regenerating facial, or Melanin reducing facial with a skin firming mask.
Overall I had a fabulous experience and my skin is super soft, supple and hydrated. Bringing on the bridal glow people!
What spa therapies do you think are essential for a bride-to-be? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.
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*Disclaimer- The services were offered to me as a complimentary service. My opinions expressed are honest and reflect how I truly felt.