This was originally going to be an Instagram post with a carousel of Umbara blouses I own. I sat down with my hard disk to look for images to use and I found way more than I expected. I started to write a caption and I had A LOT to say, and 2200 characters could not cut it.

The Beginning

I first followed ands talked Umbara blouses back in 2019. I was absolutely into wearing sarees for events at that point and the idea of mix n match was just picking up. This was also the stage where I was actively reaching out to brands and letting them know I was open to collaborations. After 2 months of scrolling and drooling, I bought my first Umbara blouse for 950INR. This stunning blue with a flare sleeve. The blouse arrived and I tried on and I was immediately disappointed. It was too tight and the material was a lot thinner than I expected. I got it altered within a few weeks and I honestly loved how it fit after that.

Umbara blouses

The Frida Inspired blouse

In April 2019, Umbara did a special collab with an artist and I loved It. This was the most expensive blouse I had bought at this point for a whopping 1500INR. Honestly I did hesitate for a second considering that my previous experience wasn’t amazing. Still, what’s life without any risk, right? So I went ahead and picked it up, and this time, the fit was perfect! From then on a conversation and a connection was built with the brand.

Umbara blouses

The Unbox Collab

In Jan 2020, Umbara blouses reached out to me for a special collaboration. Their idea spoke to me at a core level. Unbox focussed on giving people a set of 3 blouses that would be versatile enough to wear with multiple sarees, yet you didn’t have to break the bank for it. This was the one and only paid collab I did with the brand and it was a HUGE hit! They were sold out within a day. I was in my 7th month of pregnancy at this point and so I could only do a video showing the blouses. I was supposed to send the blouses back to Umbara after the collab but I couldn’t. I kept the blouses and used them SO often.

Umbara blouses
Umbara blouses

The Telia Blouse

It wasn’t until Nov 2021, that I invested in a new blouse. Definitely the most expensive purchase for that year. (not mentioning the price because I know my amma will be reading this blog post) It has also been my most used blouse ever since I got it. This was around the time that I was really low and questioning whether I should be called a blogger / influencer any more. Rama and I had multiple conversations on what makes a true influencer. Click here to see the many ways I’ve styled this blouse.

Umbara blouse

The TEB blouses.

When these blouses launched in July 2022 it was love at first sight. I wanted the blouse but it was sold out too soon after launching. So I went for an olive green blouse. These blouses fit perfectly and work very well for the “teacher” look. (P.S I did get the black as well eventually). The number of times I have tagged the brand after wearing this blouse is probably more than the number of times the brand has spoke about this blouse 😀

Umbara blouse

The Birthday Special

It was September when Rama reached out to me with a special offer. She wanted to help make some blouses to match some of my sarees. (I don’t know who would offer such a thing, and yes some of those blouses were sent as gifts) It took a while to get this huge project underway and we finalised 5 sarees. She designed, and sent 5 gorgeous blouses that reached just before my birthday. Even though the Umbara blouses were made for a specific saree, the beauty is that they are so versatile, I can pair them with so many more.

Umbara blouse
Umbara blouse

This was the point when I realised how we had grown this relationship. It was such a natural progression. Umbara went from being just a brand to a person beyond the brand.

Click here to see Umbara blouse 1

Click here to see Umbara blouse 2

My thoughts and feelings

It is both weird and amazing to think about that the fact that this whole relationship started 5 years ago because I took a leap of faith and bought a blouse. I love how far Umbara has come as a brand and I wish nothing but the best for them.

(Check this post for ideas on how to create a capsule wardrobe with sarees)

Umbara blouse

It has been a long time since I typed away here and I have to say that it was easier than I expected. Hope to see you around soon.

Stay Ishtylish

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