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Tea and Good health are synonymous, well atleast for me. This is why I was excited to discover Gaia Goodhealth. I started drinking green tea a few years ago and the past 2 years or so, I have been drinking it very regularly. It is my favourite drink to have in the afternoon especially when I am taking tuition. I find that the bitterness keeps me wide awake. In fact even my tuition kids know I am pretty addicted to it and usually can’t take a class without a cup of green tea in my hands.

Gaia good health
The fact that green tea is loaded with antioxidants is a happy coincidence. I get my dose of good health every day. I think there are enough and more articles that talk about how good green tea is for your health. Lets not forget, that there are also articles that talk about how too much of green tea is not good for you. This is true of any food item. Moderation is key.
Our tea craze isn’t restricted to just green teas, and of late we have been trying a lot of flavoured teas. Chamomile being my sister’s favourite and lemon and honey being my favourite. However finding chamomile tea is not easy, so when I got a chance to check out the brand Gaia I was delighted to find that they had Chamomile tea along with the regular green tea.

About Gaia

Their main focus is using natural ingredients combined with the wonders of science to create a range of nutritional supplements and products for our well being.

Their range of healthy products available include green teas, nutrition bars, cookies, museli and nutritional supplements such aloe vera capsules etc. I decided to try 4 products- Green Tea with honey and lime, Chamomile tea, Digestive cookies and Roasted gram flakes. A complete tea time themed set of items to try.

Lets take a look at the products one by one.

1) Gaia Green Tea + honey and lime

Priced at 190INR for 25 sachets, I think this is a very affordable pricing. The sachets are individually wrapped which makes it convenient to pop two into your bag and carry to work for a refreshing drink in the afternoon. The tea is strong and the blend of zesty lime with the slight sweetness of honey is just perfect.

Gaia good health

2) Gaia Chamomile Infusion tea

Priced at 225INR for 25 sachets, I picked it up because it is not often that you find Chamomile tea at this sort of a price. The Chamomile flowers are known to be used to make concoction that is known to help people sleep and settle an upset stomach. It is definitely an acquired taste and not everyone’s cup of tea. My sister thoroughly enjoyed sipping on it over the weekend.

Gaia good health

3) Gaia Digestive Cookies.

There are 4 adults in my house which means that the only biscuits we buy are “healthy” ones. Gone are the days of licking the cream from a cream biscuit. Digestive biscuits are what we all reach for first thing in the morning. Priced at 55INR for 200g, if it is like my family, then it will last for about a week. I felt the biscuits were slightly sweeter than I would have liked it to be.

Gaia good health
Gaia good health

4) Gaia Roasted Gram Flakes.

Priced at 90INR for 150g, these is a great savoury snack to go with tea. I actually wanted a variant of this that contained grains, legumes and seeds, all roasted, however I was sent this variant instead.
The pack is a ziplock one, so it can be resealed once opened. The freshness is maintained if you close it properly. I felt like there was a small powder coating on the flakes which made it stick to the top of my palate.

Gaia good health
Gaia good health

Of course it isn’t enough to just drink tea for good health, I do try to accommodate some exercise in my routine as well. Usually mom and I do yoga 3 times a week to keep fit, especially with age slowly catching up.

Let us know what you like to drink for good health and what is your favourite form of exercise.

miss kays


*Disclaimer: products sent by the brand. The opinions expressed here are completely honest and based upon my experience with the products. Each individual’s experience could vary.