Ever since I tied the Bengali style sari for my sister, I have been itching to wear it myself. I really miss wearing a sari. I used to wear a sari practically every day for work and being home has really dampened the need to “dress up”. So I decided that for this Navrathri I would dress up and went through my entire wardrobe looking for saris but most importantly looking for blouses that still fit me. (Being at home isn’t great for the weight on my arms). Whilst looking through the collection of saris I thought “hey why not try wearing them in different styles”. Now I couldn’t find 9 different styles to wear them in, so over these 9 days, whenever I am not going out, I will wear a sari in a different style. There may not be a post a day, but I will post when I do wear it.

Day 1 being Yellow, I had a very comfortable yellow Bengal Cotton sari and so went ahead with the Bengali style of tying it.

The makeup isn’t all from this month’s makeup basket, I did use some stuff outside of it. Come on, I didn’t have everything I wanted to create the look, okay. But the eye makeup does include colours from the Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 palette (I am really enjoying using this palette)

What do you all think of the look? Let me know in the comments below.

miss kays