Okay wow, this feels so unreal to be typing away on my blog after almost 2 years. 24 freaking months since I sort of abandoned this baby of mine. I feel so sad when I say that, but I’m so so excited because I know that I am coming back. There is SO much that has happened in 24 months, so many ups and downs, and we are going to catch up with everything.

 But first, lets address, why IshtyleAwhile 4.0

Well I’ve revamped this page 3 times already.

Once when I learned how to download a template and changed the design by myself.

Once when I got my domain in 2010.

Once when I shifted to Winkl.

And now, here I as a self hosted blog on WordPress. Uff!! It has been a journey and it has taken 10 long years to reach here. Well, here I am.

I spent a long time thinking and over thinking about what IshtyleAwhile 4.0 should be like. I considered changing the name of the blog, starting a brand new blog, not blogging at all, and finally just came back to revamp, refresh and restart.

So what is IshtyleAwhile 4.0 going to be about.

Here is a little story for you.

Recently my dad wrote an article about palliative care from the perspective of a son who had to come to terms with the fact that his father was fading away. He spent 4 months with his father, just caring for him, until the end. My dad sent this article to us to review before it went for a newsletter.

I read it and wept for a good 15 minutes. I wept for my father who had to watch his father struggle. I wept for my husband who watched his father struggle. I wept for myself because I don’t think I grieved enough after losing my grandfather.

Through the sobs, I typed this out. Why? Because this is what writing means to me. It is my joy, my expression, my soul. I pour my heart out when I write. It is the only way I know to do it. I cannot write if I am not touched, moved and emotional. 

For the past few months, I have had such imposter syndrome. My Instagram page and the responsibilities that come alongside being a ‘blogger’ have given me sleepless nights. I stopped collaborating. I stopped shooting. I stopped being a blogger because I didn’t know if I wanted to be one any more. I stopped because I didn’t know what being a blogger meant to me any more.

However, today, the sort of peace I get from writing this out, I know I am meant to be a blogger. A writer. A person who has been blessed with the capacity to express via words. 

After months of pondering how I wanted to change up this page, I now know EXACTLY what I want going forward. It’s amazing the sort of clarity that writing can bring

Welcome to IshtyleAwhile 4.0.

Here is what you can expect- Writing, dancing, and more writing about everything under the sun. I’m no longer restricting myself to just beauty and fashion. I’m not just a lifestyle blogger, I am a blogger who writes about life. My Life. This blog is just an extension of me. I going back to blogging ol’school style

Will you come on this journey with me?

Yours Ishtylishly

Miss Kays Krupa